screen periodically goes black for a breif moment?

  second best 03:07 23 Jan 04

screen periodically goes black for a breif moment? can you tell me why

  xania 08:51 23 Jan 04

Please provide more details. Would this be during the boot-up or after Windows has completely installed. What type & age of monitor, video card, driver version. When last updated. What have you done to your systm just before the problem first arose. What version of Windows, what other software. What investigations have you undertaken.

  second best 12:57 23 Jan 04

ok, :). after boot up. i have just upgraded to an and 3200 on an msi kt6 delta mobo with 1 gig ddr. i have a geforece 2 g/c. i am running windows xp pro. i have two hdd. one nikimi and one seagate. monitor is Dell 15 inch, and is about 2-3yrs old. i havent updated. g/c driver. nvidia detonator 43.51. at this time, i have not undertaken any steps to find a resolve. i have never come across a problem like this before.

  Djohn 13:24 23 Jan 04

second best, If you mean that the display disappears off screen for a couple of seconds immediately after the first black screen of basic PC information, then this is quite normal, and may even do so a second time during the boot-up process.

As long as the display remains on-screen and steady after the welcome screen then there is nothing to worry about. j.

  second best 13:27 23 Jan 04

no, djohn. it is not during boot up. i am well into running time now. it has done it about 3 or 4 times in the last hour. and not for a second, about half a sceond. the monitor clicks like ist gone into stand by.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 13:34 23 Jan 04

Have you got a degauss function on the monitor this sometimes makes pc go blank while it degausses,next thing i would say is g card driver
might be faulty there is a newer driver than the
43.51 i think it the 53.039(forceware) driver i use this for xp,try this one might cure it if not could be a monitor problem.


  Djohn 13:38 23 Jan 04

second best. OK. It may be that the refresh rate is set too high. This would also give the same symptoms.

15" monitor. Have you set the display to 800x600 and try a refresh of 75hz. If already at this rate, lower a little and try.

  Djohn 20:56 23 Jan 04

Any luck second best, or has it given it's final blink? :o(

  second best 13:59 25 Jan 04

hi djohn. i tried the degauss like a nickname suggested. might be a coincidence, but hasnt doen it for a while now, so might be ok. thanks all. if it happens again i'll repost this thread. cheers

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