screen goes blank

  lazanda 20:47 22 Jun 03

Hi there,

I have a problem with booting my system.

It boots up as normal comes up with all the detals etc then the monitor automatically switches to power save and the screen just goes blank/black. Any ideas ?

Thanks a lot


  Totally-braindead 20:52 22 Jun 03

Check your power management under control panel and make sure it isn't set to switch the monitor off.

  Gongoozler 20:54 22 Jun 03

Hi Paul. I suspect that you may have a pixel/refresh rate outside the range the monitor can handle. Try booting to safe mode and checking on the settings. If this doesn't work, tell us more about your system, especially the operating system, graphics card and monitor model. Also let us know what the pixel and refresh rate settings are. If you need any advice on soing any of this, post back and I'll elaborate.

  wee eddie 21:02 22 Jun 03

Check your screen saver - you might have it set to Blank and with the time of a minute or less.

  lazanda 21:02 22 Jun 03

Hi Gongoozler,

Its a Athlon xp 1.5 ghz using windows XP pro, the graphics card is Geeforce thats all I know.

HOw do I start in safe mode ?

  wee eddie 21:03 22 Jun 03

you should have a chance to check all the settings

  wee eddie 21:05 22 Jun 03

just keep clicking till you get a tone

  lazanda 21:33 22 Jun 03

when i press f8 it asks me which first boot device i want, floppy, ide-0, cd rom or network. first time i went to ide-0, i then chose safe mode and it gave me a huge list of drivers, then nothing, now i cant get back to safe mode.

  lazanda 21:49 22 Jun 03

thanks for your help tonight, ill keep trying!


  wee eddie 23:24 22 Jun 03

1. Turn off PC

2. Turn on PC

3. Immediately start tapping F8 key

4. you will suddenly get a little beep

5. Relax your nearly there

6. A DOS type screen opens with text only

7. Use the down key to get to Safe Mode I think it's the third one down

8. This opens Windows with only Explorer running.

9. Click Start button - Control Panel - Display, then have a rout around

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