screen goes black

  frasernet 19:29 25 May 05

can anyone help? just recently my pc will appear to 'blink' for about 1 or 2 seconds when i open certain applications. i can make it happen without fail by deleting a media player file. i am running xp home, pentium 4 2.4, 512 ram, nvidia fx 5200 pci graphics ( i have no agp slot. last night i clicked on my documents folder and the screen went blank! 2 secs later and all was well again. i have no spyware/ viruses. i did clean the fan on my graphics card a fortnight ago as it was getting noisy.. but it doesn't make sense. can anyone help??

  skeletal 23:21 25 May 05

No one else has tried to answer this, probably because it sounds impossible!! However, I offer a stupid idea...I wonder if your screen goes black whenever you ask the hard drive to operate. When it does so, the electrical load increases and cuts the voltage to your graphics card. Needless to say this should not happen, but may indicate a loose power connection (perhaps you dislodged something when you cleaned your fan) or a failing power supply.

Clutching at straws but worth a thought?


  frasernet 23:30 25 May 05

however i have just swapped the monitor lead to the other output from the graphics card. now it is behaving, i'm wondering if it was 'swapping' to the tv out thing, god knows it seems ok for now, but thanks for your input, i appreciate it cheers.

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