Screen display reverts to XP style

  stlucia 11:35 17 Jun 07

I'm using Windows XP, and I've set the display to "Windows Classic".

From time to time when I switch on I find that the toobars on my display have reverted to the new Windows XP style (predominantly green, with more-rounded icons), though the desktop still retains the background colour and icon size that I'd specified.

I can easily reset the style through the Control Panel, but I'm just curious whether this behaviour is indicative of a bug or of some component on the verge of failure.

  Snec 12:41 17 Jun 07

I wonder: Does this happen after you have used a registry cleaner?

  stlucia 19:56 17 Jun 07

I use CCleaner quite regularly, but this latest instance (yesterday) was definately not after using CC -- last time I used it was about a week ago.

  woodchip 20:25 17 Jun 07

I set mine on the desktop and in Windows Explorer to Classic

  stlucia 21:22 17 Jun 07

OK, I've specified Windows Classic Folders in Explorer. But when I use Explorer it's always been displayed in what I would call a classic format -- I'm pretty sure it's not it that's changing my display because I use it regularly and my display only changes occasionally.

  ambra4 01:25 18 Jun 07


there are 4 areas you have to set

1 - Right Click task bar go properties,start menu, change to classic start menu,

  ambra4 01:28 18 Jun 07

2 - click customize, tick all box's and remove the personalized tick

  ambra4 01:35 18 Jun 07

3 - right click the desktop, properties, themes change to classic,appearance tab change buttons and color setting

4 - Right click my computer,properties,advanced,performance,change to best performace

  stlucia 08:21 18 Jun 07

ambra4, items 1 and 3 were already as you've specified. I've just changed items 2 and 4 as you suggest -- item 4 was set to "Let Windows choose what's best for my computer".

So, I'll see how things go now, thanks.

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