Screen of Death

  Sealer 16:05 08 Feb 04

Yes its the blue Poo!

I keep getting this 1 over and over at startup..a fatal exception has occoured at 0028:00000238 Blah blah

I have tried to find what this is ,but to no avail. Does any of you have a clue
Win98se,512 ddr,geforce 5600,

  Diodorus Siculus 16:16 08 Feb 04

Likely a driver conflict. Will the PC boot properly?

If you can, go to start, run and type


and then choose "scan now"

and follow instructions.

  Sealer 16:24 08 Feb 04

Ok, Been there and done the deed. setup appeared to be corrupt, have restored it. lets hope that sorts it.. Thanks

  Sealer 17:07 08 Feb 04

Just had to re-boot twice before my PC would start as it should. The same problem! Have tried updating drivers for sound,Graphics & mother/b. Could it be memory probs?

  Diodorus Siculus 17:16 08 Feb 04

Yes, memory is often the cause; can you get the exact message and post it here?

  gold 47 17:26 08 Feb 04

512mb is to high for windows 98 infact your running the max for this OS.

  Sealer 17:32 08 Feb 04

A Fatal exception 06 has occoured at 0028:00000238. thecurrent application will be terminated.

  Chegs © 17:35 08 Feb 04

512Mbs is not the max you can use with 98se.It can be made to run with alot more by adding MaxPhysPage=30000 to the cfg.It is the "recommended" max amount,but this also often depends on which website you lookup the info on. ;-)

  Sealer 17:41 08 Feb 04

I have been running 512 MB for over a year with no probs till now.

  Sealer 17:51 08 Feb 04

Can you elaborate on CFG settings please?

  gold 47 18:35 08 Feb 04

Many thanks for you info chegs,i could never run W98 with 512mb it use to hang or not boot i did at the time not know about the software you have said you could add.

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