Screen and Cursor Freezing Remedy

  Phoenix40 01:12 20 Jun 14

Hello im just curiou.When your screen and cursor freezes is there a way of getting your computer to restart without closing it down. In the past with previous windows i just pressed Ctrl+Alt+Del. But im using Wins Vista and it doesnt seem to work and i have to close the computer down by turning it off. I just wonder if there is another way of getting it to work without turning it off. Any ideas much appreciated thank you.

  Phoenix40 00:41 21 Jun 14

Hello thanks for your help. It usually happens when im on the internet using I/E. It doesn't happen as often as it use to. Or like this site where there is a lot of flashing advertisements it sometimes causes it to freeze, if this is any help. If not much can be done thanks for your help anyway.

  Phoenix40 14:13 21 Jun 14

Hello thanks for you advice. Ive turned off all the add ons now. Do you mean the Avast add on for the internet browser? Yes ive turned that off. Maybe it is I/E im so use to using it i keep forgetting that might be the cause and use another browser. I ll try another one and see if it does happen. I have automatically downloaded the latest window updates a few days ago including for I/E as well. But it does seem to happen on sites where there is a lot of flashing advertisements. But when the computer freezes i was hoping there was a way of restarting it without turning the whole computer off and having to login in again. Thanks anyway.

  woodchip 18:29 21 Jun 14

Could be overheating PC

  Phoenix40 11:51 22 Jun 14

Hello yes i do get that problem sometimes but it usually blacks out when im watching something or play one or two games online. But it does seem better when im using Google Chrome now or not using the whole screen when using I/E. It seems to be on sites where there are a lot of adverts on. Thanks for your help. So i more or less sorted it out now thanks.

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