screen capture program:

  TheTerminator 16:45 13 Mar 04

i'm after a screen capture program - one to capture the screen and to have this saved as a swf file, and not a cumbersome avi file?
As a teacher I need to build up a selection of files, how to insert new pages in powerpoint etc for low ability pupils.


  rusty 19:27 13 Mar 04

Screenprint32v3 is a programme that alows you to capture a full screen,or part of. It will print the sreen and save it to a folder (I have made a folder in MY Documents).

IF you leave your printer switched off in will give you an error message but will still save it to your file.

Open it in word etc and then SAVE AS in any format of you qhoice.

Free download from click here


  Jim Suter 19:35 13 Mar 04

Do you mean that you want to capture a single image on the screen or a piece of video of the screen showing how to complete certain tasks. If the latter then Lotus do something called ScreenCam, you can find it here click here

Lotus Smartsuite used to be on a lot of coverdisks so you might find an older version of ScreenCam floating around somewhere.

  TheTerminator 00:36 14 Mar 04

a full video of a screen/part of a screen, so that in theory I can have a folder of files, all labelled with what they do, e.g. "mail merge in Excel", "change to a portrait document" etc. Obviously I would prefer a smaller file than with avi hence swf or an alternative format would be ideal.

  Chegs ® 01:59 14 Mar 04

I doubt if there will be a freebie "Flash" movie creator about,but another option would be to convert the video file to Windows Media Format,I used this format to upload my home vids onto my server for my mother to view,and several Gbs of vid created 5-6Mbs WMV files click here

If the videos your wanting are a part of a full video,then you will need to edit these first.

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