Scratched TFT fixed !

  EVH 08:19 13 Jun 05

I have found a solution to scretached TFT screens.
My youngest son put a deep 15mm scratch on my tft.
I noticed that when cleaning with a damp cloth this temporarily disappeared.
To cut a long story short

Using the finest brush I could by I 'filled' the scratch with the tiniest amount of 'Pledge' wax furniture polish (the brown can).Lo and behold the scratch ( a thin grey line at irritating eye hieght) has disappeared.
Of course it's visible when the screen is off. But strangely not when on and using a black background.

Low and Behold it is NOT visible when the screen is on. This applies to any background including white.

Crazy as this may sound it works

Regards Pete

  Graham ® 08:39 13 Jun 05

Thanks for the tip. I'll pass it on to the cat, who tries to catch the cursor with her paw!

  rawprawn 08:57 13 Jun 05

Thanks for the tip, it's worth knowing.

  Stuartli 10:20 13 Jun 05

One curiosity? How did the connection between a damp cloth and furniture polish arise?

You could try gently rubbing the scratch out with toothpaste (a mild abrasive), a well known method of helping to remove scratches from CDs.

If you don't believe me.....:-)

click here

click here

click here

This is only a suggestion mind - I've no proof that it would work on a TFT.

  Stuartli 10:21 13 Jun 05

Also these type of products:

click here

  EVH 16:56 13 Jun 05

I realised that the water was filling the gap but
when it dried it became visible again.
Polish won't evaporate and was clear when it 'dried'.
Bit of lateral thinking.

  spuds 17:14 13 Jun 05

A similar trick with missing pixels.Slightly damp cotton bud, then do a circular motion [touching screen very gently]on the spot were the pixel is missing, for a few moments/minutes. Usually solves the problem.

  EVH 18:09 13 Jun 05

I've read loads that say that any abrasive cleaning is a bad idea TFT screens. The plastic are very soft ( hence how i got in to this area !).The abraded area can look fuzzy afterwards as minute scratches diffuse the light and you'll certainly kiss goodbye to the anti-glare coating.
My discovery has the advantage of being quite minimal . I initially thought the whole screen could be coated (with pledge) but I decided to quit whilst I was ahead and the results were so effective.

  wiz-king 18:26 13 Jun 05

gone to you local opticians and got some scratch remover for sunglasses, that works but pledge is cheaper!

  Snec 18:38 13 Jun 05

Top Tip !!!!!

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