scottish Power energy monitor set-up required

  Graham* 24 Sep 12

Having had the solar panel people in to move the isolators in the garage slightly, so out of the way of the car mirror, the energy monitor is no longer giving a reading. The red light on the transmitter was flashing, which I assumed meant a low battery. I've replaced those, pressed the reset button, but no lights, no nothing.

I can't find the instructions but remember pressing the up and down buttons together to pair them up. I've got them both together in the kitchen but they're not talking.

Any help most welcome.

  lotvic 24 Sep 12

Is it one of these The Current Cost 128 ENVI there might be instructions on website.

  Graham* 24 Sep 12

Thanks, I shall persist but I think it's died.

  Woolwell 25 Sep 12

Is this the manual? manual

If it is page 7 tells you how to pair.

When I get a new product I go to the website and download the manual. I then have an electronic version on standby.

  Graham* 25 Sep 12


Thanks, that's the one. Can't see how to download it, though.

  northumbria61 25 Sep 12

Opens in PDF - there is a SAVE option on Page 1 of 16 along the bottom next to Print button

  Woolwell 25 Sep 12

Alternatively when it is open right click on it and choose save as.

  Graham* 25 Sep 12

I'm using Foxit, don't get that option :-)

  lotvic 25 Sep 12

when I clicked on Woolwell's link and pdf opened in Foxit I found the file in: C:\Documents and Settings\lotvic\Local Settings\Temp

or you can (in Foxit) click on File | 'save as' and save it again in a folder of your choice.

  Graham* 25 Sep 12

lotvic, Woolwell

All back up and running now, thanks. New batteries fitted in transmitter and paired up. Oh, and solar panel isolator turned to ON.


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