School Server

  cuppa 20:42 30 Jan 07

Need to default pupils saved work to another network drive, any idea's to go about doing this.
Big Problem.Windows 2000 proxy server sp3,64 windows 2000 sp3 work stations, does anyone know a free web filter software to install on server to stop pupils accessing porn sites,

  moore_mat 15:46 19 Feb 07

Hi cuppa

You can modify where My Documents points. If it's just a handful of users; you just right click the My Docs folder and select "properties" - you then just point to a remote PC (with a folder already shared).

If it is more; you could try "Roaming Profiles". This stores the users' Desktop, Favourites, My Docs, etc in a central location. It's mainly used for desk-hoppers as it presents an identical copy of your desktop wherever you sit; but it's also useful from a backup perspective as everything is held on one server...

Have a look at the following if you run on an unmanaged network:
click here

Or the following if you use Active directory:-
click here

Alternatively do a Google for "Roaming Profiles"...

For internet filtering; I don't really know of anything; but try having a look at:-
click here

Best of luck


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