Scheduled tasks HAVE to have a password?

  WhenHeavenTouchesEarth 09:50 21 Oct 05

Hi there, I thought I'd get a little more efficient and set up some Scheduled tasks to run, instead of initiating them all manually, however my backup software wasn't started early this morning as I requested, because...

" user account password was entered."

Now, I don't use a password to use my computer and I've set it up to login to my profile (which has admin rights) automatically.

Does the Windows XP Home Scheduler require a password?

Are there any other softwares which will do the same job without requiring a password if so? Preferably freeware?

Thanks people, you're a bunch of lifesavers.

  rawprawn 10:06 21 Oct 05

I am guessing that your backup program is Acronis True Image, if I am right it needs a password. I had trouble with this aspect and I don't use scheduled backup now, but I think the password it needs is the original one you used as administartor when you set up XP.

  WhenHeavenTouchesEarth 10:09 21 Oct 05

I do have Acronis, but really dislike it (too fiddly!).

I'm using Karen's Replicator (freeware), which all works fine, but aparently Windows Scheduler requires a password to run anything.

I'm hoping someone can point me in the direction of some 3rd party task scheduling software that's not gonna cost me anything!

  rawprawn 12:58 21 Oct 05

Have yot tried your administrators password?

  WhenHeavenTouchesEarth 13:00 21 Oct 05

I have no administrators password

  splork 13:23 21 Oct 05

click here
The free one a little way down the page - SyncBack Freeware V3.2.8.600
Free + scheduled backups + gets round the password problem

  splork 13:48 21 Oct 05

sorry, thats scheduled backups only, my mistake

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