Schedule PC to switch off at a certain time

  westwit 11:15 16 Jan 06

I am using Windows SyncToy to make automatic daily scheduled backups of selected folders from C Drive to a second hard disk, using Windows XP. This works very well, but I have two tweaks I would like to make:

1) How do I get the PC to switch off at a certain time (after all the scheduled tasks are completed late at night)? I know there is a command to put in as another scheduled task, but I can't remember what it is.

2) How do I get Outlook and Outlook Express to close down automatically before the SyncToy backup runs? I can't get outlook.pst and some of the Outlook Express mail folders backed up while the programs are still open ("file in use ...").

  Chegs ®™ 11:29 16 Jan 06

click here

This any use?

  westwit 22:58 16 Jan 06

Thanks Chegs. It might solve problem 1 (although I'm sure there's a simple command that can be run from Windows Scheduler). Still looking for a solution to scheduled closedown of Outlook and Outlook Express.

Anyone got any ideas how to do this?

  DieSse 23:25 16 Jan 06

This looks like a contender click here

  Thalmus 23:41 16 Jan 06
  Thalmus 23:52 16 Jan 06

ps to have the computer shutdown instead of restarting remove the -r switch

  westwit 00:40 17 Jan 06

Thanks guys. I'l look at the suggestions of Chegs and DieSse, but it was the "shutdown.exe" solution from Thalmus that I was thinking of.

Anyone got a nice little script or batch file for closing down Outlook and Outlook Express?

  westwit 00:02 18 Jan 06


  westwit 13:27 23 Jan 06

I have sort of resolved the problem by disabling Outlook and Outlook Express in Start Up, setting a scheduled task to restart the PC (shutdown.exe -r) - which re-starts the PC without these two programs just before the scheduled task for Sync Toy, then comes the total shutdown (shutdown.exe -s. I now have to start up Outlook and Outlook Express manually on booting up in the morning, but that seems to be the easiest way round the problem.

Still wonder if there's a more elegant way of just closing down a couple of programs?

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