Scanning by wireless from Canon Pixma 6250

  vellanobill 09 Mar 12

I have a HP Pavilion dv7 notebook with Vista Home premium & a Canon pixma MG6250 printer. When connected by USB I could scan photos & import directly into Picasa on my PC - no problems. Since installing wireless (Belkin 300 router), I can print documents and photos OK by wireless. But when I try to scan a photo and import into Picasa another window pops up - ScanGear (Canon Software package), it's not so user friendly and it freezes during the scanning operation. If I cancel ScanGear window, Picasa is 'greyed out' How do I over-ride ScanGear and import direct into Picasa - without resorting to the USB cable. Canon Support were no help!!

  KRONOS the First 09 Mar 12

Uninstall the Cannon software, you do not have to use it.

  vellanobill 09 Mar 12

Thanks Chronus. I do not know how to uninstall the ScanGear as it doesn't appear in any of the files or programs in the Canon folders. Perhaps it's a name provided from within one of the other program/files. Any ideas?

  KRONOS the First 09 Mar 12

It turns out that Scangear is the driver so the software that is opening must be something else. It may be call Canon Scangear Toolbox,so have a look for something like that. But if you are only having problems when you try to scan to PC wirelessly this might not work. Do Canon not have forums on there site?

  vellanobill 09 Mar 12

Thanks again will check through the canon folders, also for the canon forums

  vellanobill 10 Mar 12

Eureka! I have found a fix! Not a proper solution but it works. If anyone else has a similar problem, this is what I am now working with until something better turns up. On the PC (in Vista) click on Start, Select All Programs, locate folder, Canon Utilities and click. Select Solution Menu EX and then in the sub-menu select Solution Menu EX. This provides a screen with icons on the left and a menu on the right. From the menu on the right select Use Scanner, the icons on the left change, select OCR. A window pops up where you can insert a file name and where to save (I chose the default MP Navigator EX), then click on the Scan button at the bottom of the window. The scanning process starts (it also throws up a window titled tmp.txt - Notepad which I close). Open the folder that you have saved to, select the photo, Right click gives a drop down menu, select Edit in Picasa. AND AWAY I GO!


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