Scanning very old letter circa 1876

  brambles 18:02 01 Apr 12

I have a very old Family letter that has come into my possession and I can just about discern the writing. What I would like to know, if anyone has the answer, is how to enhance it in Photoshop after scanning.

Any recommendations would be appreciated. I could just about read it and reproduce in Word but I am anxious to retain the authenticity of an historical hand written letter.


  Nontek 18:06 01 Apr 12

Before trying to enhance it in Photoshop, make a Copy to practice on.

You may be able to make it more legible using just the Scanner software.

  thegreypanther 18:12 01 Apr 12

I have found that very old documents can be made surprisingly legible by simply whacking up the contrast in Photoshop (). There are many examples of documents in the First World War Soldiers records, - see, which have been damaged and become very difficult to make out. On several occasions I have been able to recover illegible details simply by massively boosting the contrast on the scanned document.

  Forum Editor 18:56 01 Apr 12

Try emnic's suggestion. The same method has worked for me on more than one occasion.

  Les28 20:53 01 Apr 12

Maybe just Auto Levels and Unsharp Filter?

enter link description here

enter link description here

This is specifically ideas for enhancing a scan of faded handwritten notes

enter link description here

  brambles 23:57 01 Apr 12

Thank you everyone I now know how to deal with the old letter. I do appreciate the prompt and courteous response from you all.


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