Scanning Transparencies with Epson Perfection 2480

  Nobby C 15:26 19 Oct 05

I am trying to help a friend scan 35mm Transparencies with the 2480.
We contacted the Epson helpline and they suggested we did it in the Prof:Mode,still does`nt work.
All we get is an image of the flatbed of the scanner with the transparencies layed in the holder.Can anyone please help.
Many thanks

  recap 15:51 19 Oct 05

Try laying the negative on the scanner and place a white piece of paper on top.

  alB 16:30 19 Oct 05

I use an Epson Perfection 1660, to scan transparencies, I start Smart Panel, as the Twain5 window appears I click Cancel to go to manual mode, next to the scan button there is an arrow to expand the window,click that and put a tick in the specify document for full auto mode box and click film, then scan, don't know whether this will work with the 2480 but it might give you something to go on, (if it does work, don't forget to put the mode back to reflective after you've finished)...alB

  oseven 16:49 19 Oct 05

You can only copy transparencies properly with an adapter.This is a small hoder with a backlight.Mine came free with an Epson 1200 flatbed scanner.If you haven't got one perhaps Epson can supply one for your scanner.

  TonyAA 17:15 19 Oct 05

This review does mention problems with film scanning if not done correctly click here

  jack 17:47 19 Oct 05

I have had a look at the review mentioned above it and is is not absolutly clear to me what the scanner can do.
To put it succinctly a flatbed scanner will only copy tranparancy/negatives with a light in the lid attachment. the Illustration certainly shows that.
The light in the lid has to be electrically connected to the base unit so that it lights up, this appears to be not happening for you.
The lid lights up automatically when transparency
is selected in the Media type selector in the preview window -are you doing this?
Or the light in the lid is defective another possibility.

  sicknote 17:57 19 Oct 05

Have you removed the white cover from the lid ?? the re should be light under there

  eedcam 18:00 19 Oct 05

Hi ok so you are using Pro mode are you selecting FILM not reflective for the scan

  eedcam 18:02 19 Oct 05

Hi ok so you are using Pro mode are you selecting FILM not reflective for the scan Sicknote you have to remove the white sheet to get the filmholder out

  cdb 18:19 19 Oct 05

If it's like my Epson2450, you put the transparencies in the adapter then put that adapter in the lid in place of the white removable section. Oas pretty much said above)

  jack 20:05 19 Oct 05

I assume you have removed the white platen cover to reveal the illumination unit underneath?
There is also a slide carrier to locate the slides.
Have you read the instruction sheet supplied?

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