Scanning transparencies

  Llyn 16:38 13 May 03

I have several pre-war transparencies which are about 8 times the size of a 35mm slide. Can anyone suggest how I can scan them, so that I can make some prints.

  woodchip 16:48 13 May 03

You need to create a White or Silver box to fit over the transparencies, so it will reflect light back on to it

  _Treb_ 17:02 13 May 03

It may be worth condidering going to a copy shop. Things may have changed since I worked on Canon Colour Copiers but this is what used to happen. Using a Fresnel screen and projected light an image of the transpareny was projected on the the target glass of the copier and then copies made from that image. I seem to remember being able to copy up to A4 transparencies.

  Gongoozler 17:03 13 May 03

Look at this for a home made slide adapter click here

  woodchip 17:09 13 May 03

You may find something click here

  Pidder 18:30 13 May 03

Seem to recall seeing a light-box in Jessops - put them on this and then photograph with a digital camera?

  Tenner 19:54 13 May 03


click here

from Links > support ( above )

Hope it helps


  misery 20:19 13 May 03

will be any good to you if you're looking for a good quality print. Take it to a professional photographer who will give you an excellent contact print or 'blow' it up to whatever size you need.

  Tenner 00:52 15 May 03

Finding one , a photo lab, with half or quarter plate gear wiil not be easy, and then they'll charge the Earth cos it's an unusual size.


  stlucia 08:51 15 May 03

What is the actual size of the transparencies?

My Epson film and slide adapter on my scanner takes 4 mounted 35mm slides at once, with space to spare. I estimate that it's capacity is about 100mm x 150mm (I'm at work at the moment, so can't check). Would that fit your slides?

  -pops- 08:59 15 May 03

Note that misery suggested a professional photographer, not a photo lab as you seem to think.

Any pro photographer should be able to produce a contact print without specialist equipment (just specialist knowledge). From this you could scan and make as many prints as you want. A professional photogapher who is unable to do this should not be calling himself by that title.


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