Scanning / Printing On-the-move !!

  297man 17:15 15 Feb 08

I need to be able to scan and print very simple documents from the confines of my car. Time is often of the extreme essence. Is there a decent scanner copier out there that:

a) is rechargeable with a half-decent life span?

b) can be run off a small(ish) battery? I.E. has a USB at one end and something suitable at the other?

or c) can be run safely and effectively from my car's 12v supply?

The print run is seldom more than a half of one A4 page, energy requirements are absolutely minimal.

I'd be eternally grateful to be pointed in the right direction. Maybe even the Scanner / Copier I already own (a Lexmark P4350) could be suitable if I can find the right way to 'power' it.

Thanks in advance.


  recap 19:08 15 Feb 08

click here for a possible scanner and click here for a possible printer. Could not find a print/scanner combi

  FreeCell 20:27 15 Feb 08

click here

Something like this may help out to power your device in the car. Check the power consumption of the Lexmark against the maximum supported. There are other options in inverters so I am sure you would find one to do the job.

Hope you have a big enough boot to store all this hardware in!

  297man 08:27 16 Feb 08

Much appreciated you guys, didn't expect such a speedy and courteous response.

Thanks a bunch.


  297man 09:43 18 Feb 08

Bought a Nikkai 300W Invertor from Maplins yesterday. Does the job fantastically and not too expensive at 40 quid. An added bonus for me is that it will power the family's laptops with ease, a real boon on those long journeys.

Thanks again, you're stars.


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