Scanning photo's to print

  caast ©? 13:31 25 Jun 03

I have some 6x4 photo's that I have scanned that I want to print (Enlarge). The copyright is owned by me having taken these pictures myself.

I saved them as tiff format and now wonder have I used the best options.

My PC specs allowed me to scan at 720 dpi and due to size of ensuing file I resized to 50% in paintshop pro.

I printed the files on my HP Deskjet 970 cxi onto A4 HP premium glossy using those options in the print options dialog box at best quality print. However I am not over enthralled with the results.

Is there anything I could have done better to get a better print or should I be seeking professional help to have the pictures blown up?

  BrianW 14:05 25 Jun 03

The problem you have is that you are going for approximately a 4 X enlargement to start with (6X4 to A4). If you want the best result possible you should really go for photographic enlargement from the negative. Failing that, from the photo print.

If you want to use the photo printer, then I think you would have done better to do any photo manipulation in TIFF. Then convert (full size) to a low compression JPEG. You really need to end up at the printer with as many pixels as your memory will allow as the photo-print process is very demanding. If you reduce the image information too far you will end up with a grainy and pixellated image - not very nice.

  DieSse 15:23 25 Jun 03

An excellent primer - well worth the read click here

  woodchip 16:14 25 Jun 03

When you scan at that setting, it will pick-up thing that would be better left on the photo. Try at 200 or 300 at most. you will still be able to enlarge

  woodchip 16:16 25 Jun 03

Photo's also are better on shiny paper not that dimply stuff if you want to scan them

  caast ©? 20:02 25 Jun 03

Thanks for response doing a bit of experimenting but looks like a long way to go.

  Pesala 21:11 25 Jun 03

I calculated that a 6 x 4 print should be scanned at about 1200 dpi to reproduce at 720 dpi when enlarged to A4. Is that just a waste of memory?

  woodchip 21:21 25 Jun 03

If done at 300 they will print OK at A4

  caast ©? 21:30 25 Jun 03

Cheers will try at lower resolution 300 dpi

However if I can get decent result would want to consider enlarging as much as possible.

Can I save to CD and take to Staples or the like and have them enlarged even further, or do I need the help of a photographic outlet

  Bodi 21:37 25 Jun 03

I found that scanning at greater size than I actually wanted, and 400 plus resolution then decreasing the size to what I wanted in a photographic program, gave me some really good results. However, this gives a huge file to store and I have a partitioned hard drive especially for these photographs.

I would experiment on less expensive paper until you get the right result - that's what I do. However, I'm no expert on photography.


  woodchip 21:38 25 Jun 03

yes you can but above a size they have to resort to other means of enlarging that can make it more expansive

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