Scanning in the odd newspaper with web-cam

  myfoot 15:30 09 May 07

aldi have a web cam 1.3MPx on offer on Thursday, wondering if there is anyone who has got presentable/readable results using a web-cam for scanning. Don't want to have a big scanner around the room as it would not be used that often.

  recap 15:41 09 May 07

Not heard of using a web cam to scan documents before. It may be difficult, you would need to focus the web cam correctly and keep the paper at a certain distance to stop it pix-elating.

  Pamy 15:48 09 May 07

What do you actually mean when you say "Scan"?
I have taken pictures with a digital camera of writing etc. and am able to read it OK when transfered to mt computer

  myfoot 15:54 09 May 07

I suppose taking picture is the same, and maybe picture is better as scanning is what you do with a scanner. I want to send the odd newspaper/magazine story as an email attachment. Would hope the receiver could read the newspaper.

  Pamy 16:07 09 May 07

I do not think you would be able to take a picture of the complete page that would be readable. Not sure how close you cold get to the paper with the web cam and be in focus . my digital camera will go to about 5mm.

  woodchip 16:16 09 May 07

To be able to read a Page you would have to do it as pamy says at a fair resolution so that the picture could be zoomed to read it. But it would be a big file to do it, and send. You may get away with a 2MB file

  Pamy 16:21 09 May 07

My camers is 4mega pixels. Sorry I ment as close as 5cm previous post

  myfoot 16:21 09 May 07

Will probably the buy the web-cam anyway and I suppose will see. No wouldn't expect to capture the whole page, but my mobile is 1.3MPx and I'm sure I could not manage any newspaper photo that would be readable with it. Just doesn't focus very sharply. I supose web cams might be better as their intended to be used at shorter range. if someone comes on and says there is a web-cam at £30 to £100 that is good for this I think that is beyond my interest in the matter, my money tree is a stunted weed.

  HondaMan 20:42 09 May 07

is a Reader at the National Records Office. He "copies" documents with a Sony T30, puts them through an OCR programme and has better than 80% editable files.

The files are all perfectly readable by eye.

  myfoot 21:27 09 May 07

Heh HondaMan your friends Sony T30 is a 7Mpix camera is a much different proposition to a 1.3Mpix web-cam, but thanks for your interest anyway. Maybe I should think a bit longer if I want to do this with a web-cam and resist the offer at Aldi for the present.

Maybe start a new post and ask for people who got good results with a web-cam. Will PM Pamy see if she is using a web-cam. thanks

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