Scanners don't work

  ward1941uk 14 Aug 13

I have 2 scanners, a Canoscan 8800F and a HP all in one printer copier scanner. Neither scanner is recognised by my PC although I can see them both in the Device Manager under Imaging devices. And Device Manager says that both scanners are working properly.

When I try to use the Canoscan I can see it listed in the software program but when I click Scan I get an error report. Scanner not connected or not turned on. If I try and scan to computer using the HP printer I get the error report' Connection lost'.

I also have a webcam listed under Imaging devices and this is working OK.

Any suggestions?

  Graphicool1 14 Aug 13

If this is a recent occurance do a System restore to before it happened.

  john bunyan 14 Aug 13

I have a Canonscan 8800F and a MP650 in W7. I use Photoshop to scan. Have you downloaded and installed the latest drivers from Canon etc?

  ward1941uk 14 Aug 13

I only had 1 system restore point and it would appear that the error occurred before that. I have not used my scanners for several months until yesterday evening when I discovered the problem. Obviously they both worked fine initially but something has corrupted the OS I think.

In reply to John, I normally use Photoshop and yes I have downloaded the latest drivers from both HP and Canon. I have Uninstalled the drivers and then rebooted my system several times before reinstalling without success.

  ward1941uk 14 Aug 13

Would it be possible to repair the OS using my recovery discs without loosing all my programs and data?

  john bunyan 14 Aug 13

It may be worth uninstalling , say, the Canon. Then re -install using the drivers you have. I seem to remember it liked to have the drivers pre - installed rather than using their disc and certainly not the MS auto install.. I use the TWAIN interface for scanning and with Photoshop CS5 32 bit it works but the 64 bit only works with WPA . I like TWAIN as there is better scanning control. A great scanner , the 8800f as it handles 35 mm slides and negs as well as normal A4, so I hope you get it going. I do remember some problems when I switched to W7 but cannot recall all the details.

  john bunyan 14 Aug 13

PS if you suspect corrupt OS files run the command prompt as an administrator and type in sfc/scannow - it will take a while but should correct minor errors. (Start, All Programmes, Accessories, Command prompt - right click and highlight "run as administrator")

  Graphicool1 14 Aug 13

Attention ward1941uk

Iyou decide to try john Bunyan's last suggestion be aware that there should be a space between the 'sfc' and the '/'.

sfc /scannow

  woodchip 14 Aug 13

Latest Twain Drivers need to be loaded for your scanner


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