scanner won't scan negatives

  bobbyalec 25 Apr 11

Hi, and thanks in advance for advice offered.

I have an Epson Perfection 4490 Photo scanner but when I try to scan negatives, on their own or in the holding clip, it either shows a small rectangle with no detail or a black/white outline of the holding clip!

Obviously I am doing something wrong in the initial setup, but what can it be?

Let me know if you need more info, but thanks again anyway.


  Eric10 25 Apr 11

Is this any help? link text

  Woolwell 25 Apr 11

Are you choosing colour negative film or positive film as the source?

  malgall 26 Apr 11

agree with above you need to tell scanner what it is scanning

  woodchip 26 Apr 11

As in the link, you need to tell the scanner what you are doing in Scanner Properties

  mole44 27 Apr 11

i know it sounds obvious but have you taken of the cover from the lid of the scanner as there is usually a light there,and you have to tell the software what your scanning i.e. slide/negative.

  Seadog 27 Apr 11

I agree with mole44, it does sound as though you havent removed the white cover on the inside of the lid...........I've got the Epson V3000 - quite an old machine now, but looking at your model the basic operation is the same.

  eedcam 27 Apr 11

Well on my epson you already have the cover of thats where the neg holders are kept

  Seadog 27 Apr 11


Yes mine is the same, the slide/negative holder is stored behind the white cover, however when my missus tried it she removed the cover, took the holder out and then carefully clicked the cover back in place!!

And they say men never read the instructions!!

  eedcam 27 Apr 11

Sea Dod Lol I like it

  bobbyalec 01 May 11

Hi folks - is my face red! I later found the shortcut to "User's Manual" which clarifies the query - once you can find the bit that deals with the problem (not exactly straightforward......!!!!).


ps the new revamped format of the forum seems to have lost the box you tick to say satisfied with replies, at least I can't find it. There seems to be a "bubble" to tick in the summary page of posts but it won't accept my efforts to tick it!


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