scanner softwear

  Madrat 16:36 13 Jan 03
  Madrat 16:36 13 Jan 03

could someone please tell me what softwear i should look for when buying a scanner
any help would be much apreshiated


  woodchip 16:44 13 Jan 03

You are better concentrating on a good scanner, the software are only lite versions anyway. You can update that buy buying better software later if you find you need it. I have a Epson Perfection 1250 with decent scan software

  powerless 16:44 13 Jan 03

Photo Editing Software - Allows you to scan a picture then edit it. click here click here are examples.

OCR Software - Optical Character Recognition, allows toy to sacn a text document. The OCR software recognises the text and allows you to edit it. click here click here are examples.

  Diemmess 16:48 13 Jan 03

woodchip has said it.....I only emphasize

The scanner is what matters a good one for scanning coloured printing.......A less good will still be enough for OCR.

The software is usually bundled with the scanner, but like most such software, it will start you off and then you might dip in your pocket later when it is more likely you know what your need is.

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