Scanner to printer problem

  Together 20:58 27 Mar 11

My HP Scanjet 4850 has a button to print a copy of the document on the scanner. This worked fine until I changed my printer to a Cannon iP 3600.

Now I get a message telling me to go to Control Panel and install a printer.

Using the HP Solution Centre on the computer and asking for a copy produces the same result.
I can scan the document to jpeg then print, but this is much slower.
The OS is XP with SP3. Scanner and printer are connected with USB ports.
Advice would be much appreciated.
Ray Burgin

  xania 13:20 28 Mar 11

If I understand you correctly, you now have 2 devices attached to your PC, the HP Scanjet 4850 and the Cannon iP 3600. Firstly, I'm pretty certain that the HP solution centre only works with the Scanjet and will be not help with any other printer. Also, I THINK that the scan to print function on the 4850 only works within the one device. The only thing I can suggest if thius is correct would be to scan to a file and then print the file to the 3600.

However, I'm also concerned about your PC asking you to install the driver. Have installed your new driver correctly - and have you accidentally, affected/deleted the 4850 driver?

  Together 19:10 30 Mar 11

Thank you for responding.
Despite its name the HP Scanner is just that, and has no printer of its own.
Previously I had an Epsom printer which would produce a a print if the appropriate button on the scanner was pressed.
I had to replace this printer and put in the Cannon iP3600 which works fine on other tasks.

  SparkyJack 20:04 30 Mar 11

program that will take the scan and present it to the printer regardless of the brand of either.
Such software does exist- let Google do the looking

click here

  Together 12:28 31 Mar 11

Thank you for your interest and comments.

I have found the solution by putting my query to HP, who advised that a registry entry in the _USER\software\HP\digitalimaging\hpfccopy section was necessary. My old printer was shown there and needed to be changed to the new one.
Problem now solved.

  SparkyJack 11:22 01 Apr 11

Now please tick the solved box so that we all know

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