Scanned letter - file too big

  Halmer 18:53 10 Mar 08

I'm trying to send an imporatant letter that I have scanned via e-mail to someone but it's scanned in at 20mb and e-mail wont let me send it.

I'm not sure why the file is so big or how I can reduce it. Can anyone help me please?

I have an HP printer/scanner.



  STREETWORK 18:59 10 Mar 08

Open it in an image editor and reduce the resoulution to say, 72 dpi. Or scan it at a lower resoulution...

  Stuartli 19:02 10 Mar 08

You have probably scanned it in at too high a resolution and, perhaps, in colour rather than gray scale.

Try reducing the file size by renaming it as a .jpeg file or rescan using a much lower resolution setting with gray scale.

  MAT ALAN 19:02 10 Mar 08

20Mb hells teeth must be some letter, a normal letter as a word doc comes in at about 25Kb.

  chub_tor 19:04 10 Mar 08

On your scanner settings there should be a way of scanning in black and white only. It seems as if you have scanned an A4 page in full colour. Check the scanner settings for lower resololution scanning. My scanner for example gives options such as Line Art, Fax, OCR or just plain Black and White. For most documents 75dpi is sufficient.

  Halmer 19:30 10 Mar 08

thanks all


When I scanned it as a picture it was 100mb MAT ALAN!

  MAT ALAN 19:35 10 Mar 08

AH!!! that explains it, thanks for feedback...

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