Scandisk grinds to a halt

  Rich84 12:20 01 Jun 03

When I run a thorough ScanDisk (standard runs fine and detects no errors) at around the 1011000 of 1200000 mark, it slows its scanning to a halt. I've left it for hours at that stage without further progress. Why is this happening? Does it mean I have a HDD problem? I am running Win98 and attempting the scan in safe mode with no screen saver or power schedule.

try running chkdsk.exe from DOS (the scadisk program from win ME runs better on 98 systems if you can get old of a copy)

I had this, it was a HDD problem. The drive needed replacing.

  Rtus 16:08 01 Jun 03

Look at the hard drives Manufacturer and model number . note these down visit their web site and download the hard drive diagnostic program + help files (these describe how to use the utility)usually popped onto floppy)) run the program It will advise if theres a problem with the drive.if the utility says your drive has no problems,use a W98 boot disk and run scandisk from there (A:).

  Diemmess 18:35 01 Jun 03

You can run scandisk from the DOS command and avoid any Windows program interfering.

  Rich84 21:31 01 Jun 03

Thanks to everyone for their help. I'll be trying these suggestions over the next few nights. Meantime, sorry to be so dense, but I can't find details of the HDD manufacturer (I had no documentation with the computer). I've looked in My Computer (Device manager) but it just says GENERIC IDE DISK TYPE47. Is there somewhere else I should be looking or will I have to get the cover off?

  Rtus 23:58 01 Jun 03

it may be shown on screen as it boots up ..if not to be certain take cover off if you feel comfortable enough to do that and look at the top of the drive for details..if you can just spot who made it is enough the downloaded software should tell you the rest..

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