scandisc not working in xp?

  hugh-265156 19:52 02 Feb 03

i am trying to run scandisc,i have checked both boxes then restart my pc.on restart scandisc says unable to gain access to disc?i ran this about a month ago no problem and have not changed any settings that i can think of.any ideas please?thanks.

  JoeC 20:01 02 Feb 03

do you have Norton Utilities or similar installed ? I am asking because such utilities can " lock " the drive, in effect permitting no access unless disabled. : }

  hugh-265156 20:09 02 Feb 03

thanks for the quick reply.i have norton internet security and firewall installed.had this installed when run the scandisc last.

  Installer. 20:22 02 Feb 03

Scandisc does not exist in windows XP however there is the similar chkdsk.

Goto start/run/chkdsk

  hugh-265156 20:25 02 Feb 03

sorry about the confusion.i am indeed refering to chkdsk.

  Installer. 20:37 02 Feb 03

If chkdsk will not operate from start/run, then goto start/programs/accessories/command prompt and then enter sfc/scannow. You may need your XP CD.

This will check the windows protected files which may be corrupt (as chkdsk will not run) .

  hugh-265156 20:49 02 Feb 03

i dont have an xp disc as windows came pre installed.what in disc/properties/tools/errorchecking,i can tick "scan and attempt recovery of bad sectors" this runs ok and does not reboot to do it.however when i ticked "automatically fix file system errors"it tells me to reboot,when i restart it says a disc check has been sceduled,its at this point that i get a message saying that it is unable to gain access to the pc then starts up normally.this also means that it will try to run every time i need to start pc.annoying!

  Irishman 20:57 02 Feb 03

Try right click on C-properties-tools.

  hugh-265156 21:07 02 Feb 03

i know this.want it to run when i start up.this is my i ticked the automatically fix button,it asked me to restart and it does normally.when it starts up though it throws up the message that it cant gain access.everything in windows working as normal.just chkdsk trying to run wvery time i restart or turn on and failing!AAAAAaaggggh!but thanks anyway for the suggestions.

  Irishman 21:32 02 Feb 03

MSconfig? Turn off everything that normally comes on at startup virus checker etc but not windows services and then do a restart. Does the right click option not work? If it did then this might stop chkdsk from starting each time you do a restart. Best I can do sorry.

  hugh-265156 22:48 02 Feb 03

many thanks again folks but i traced the problem to drivers for my graphics card that i just installed.removed them and installed other drivers chkdsk runs.

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