Scan programme for contencious material

  lucky1 21:23 26 Mar 04

Some time ago (can't find it in search) there was a utility discussed which you could run to ascertain if your hard drive had any references to violence/sex/drugs etc. on it. Can anybody remember what it was please?

  lucky1 23:08 26 Mar 04

After a lot of digging about on Google I found it, more by accident than anything else. Contentaudit.

  GaT7 23:33 26 Mar 04

Thanks for that lucky1. Here is the link if anybody's interested - click here . It's a freeware online scan.

  gudgulf 23:39 26 Mar 04

As a matter of curiosity I've just run a scan--in the knowledge that there is nothing untoward on my pc!

This scan has picked up all the sex/violent /adult content from my games folders and worse has interpreted letter combinations from within word sets--eg the problem "eros" gleaned from "thE ROSsendale Free Press" (local newspaper! and "nERO Smartstart" to name but two.

Absolute nonsense IMHO!

  GaT7 00:08 27 Mar 04

Same here. Just did a scan myself. Totally agree! All the stuff it picked out was completely innocent.

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