Scan in a picture and put on Ebay

  bumpkin 21:31 PM 22 Jan 12

Hi, I am using a Canon MP 492 combined scanner printer, copier. OS is XP pro. All I want to do is scan something in and put it on Ebay (A photo of something I want to sell) All I seem to be able to do is copy and print it.

Help Help Again please.


  eedcam 22:28 PM 22 Jan 12

Have you googled your query there is this and loads morePhotos to ebay

  beeuuem 23:25 PM 22 Jan 12

The simple way to resolve this is to read page 34 of the user manual. This gives detailed instructions of how to save a scanned image to your computer. The link given by eedcam gives the various methods of adding the photo to your listing.

  KRONOS the First 05:39 AM 23 Jan 12

Why do you need to scan a photograph of an item you want to sell to put on EBay? The usual option is to just upload the photograph which you will be asked if you want to do during the process of putting te item up for sale on the site.

  Ian in Northampton 08:07 AM 23 Jan 12

Chronus: he might have a film camera - there are still some around, you know... ;-)

  KRONOS the First 09:03 AM 23 Jan 12

You don't say?

  bumpkin 14:06 PM 23 Jan 12

Thanks all,

I did not actually want to scan a photo but to scan the item itself which is an envelope and piece of paper. My earlier posting was misleading sorry. Now done by saving the scan to a file.



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