Scan Disk won't run, can't add any H'ware

  lenthepen 21:21 26 Aug 04

Scan Disk won't run ....apparently there is a data error and this prevents me from adding any printers or USB h'ware, is the Hard Disk done for !!!

  johnnyrocker 00:22 27 Aug 04

well the reason for no response is you do not give any information to go on and you are lucky i have taken the trouble to answer only because i have less to do at this time than my contemporates in this forum try starting with your operating system and exactly what you are trying to do when you cant add/remove which might give us a starting point, apologies if your knowledge is limited we have all been there at one time or another

  johnnyrocker 00:26 27 Aug 04

in addition you could get diskeeper lite at click here or even this sites download section hope this helps also.


  end 00:38 27 Aug 04

or, to put it another way, can you please give your OS , and what programs you are trying to add to your computer; and if you could give these details when you next put a post on the forum it will help members to give the appropriate help and advise:)

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