Scam warning !

  curlylad 09:36 04 Nov 04

I know it isn't a problem but I just thought I'd warn you that there is a scam email doing the rounds claiming to be from Barclays.At the bottom of the email it gives a link that opens over the real Barclays web site .The grammar is wrong and it looks 'cheap' and I sussed it as a scam straight away but others may not , so be warned !

  no-name 09:46 04 Nov 04

curlylad have you told Barclays (although I guess they might already know) so that they can advise their members accordingly?

  curlylad 09:53 04 Nov 04

I've been to Barclays web site and it shows you some of the scam emails that are claiming to be from them and one of them is the one that I have just received.All they are asking you to do is simply delete it . I will try emailing their Head Office in a mo and also I will be informing Trading Standards so they can look into it or at least forward the info on to the relevant judicial body.

  Eastender 09:54 04 Nov 04
  curlylad 10:12 04 Nov 04
  Stuartli 10:57 04 Nov 04

Virtually every online bank is targetted by such e-mails - in fact the majority carry a warning to this effect on their home pages.

No financial institution will ask you for personal details in the form of an e-mail and anyone stupid enough not to realise gets what they deserve.

  curlylad 11:07 04 Nov 04

True to a point but remember there are still lots of people out there , elderly folk especially , who still have faith in humanity and the old beliefs of the war and everybody pulling together and helping each other , so they sometimes don't understand or believe that people would be so vile as to try to do such a thing as fraudulently obtain money from them through deception.However I belive the banks could do more by perhaps sending out with correspondence to their customers , just a small note explaining that they do not email people about such issues and perhaps outlining what to look out for and maybe a contact hotline number if they receive mail of any kind and are unsure of its integrity or origin.

  bertiecharlie 11:10 04 Nov 04

This is another scam click here

"Experts have discovered emails that appear to be empty if opened, but which can infect the computer without the user knowing. The software is designed to overwrite the Web site addresses for any bank stored on the computer. The next time the user clicks on the address they are automatically directed to a bogus Web site in order to steal log-in or financial details."

  bertiecharlie 11:12 04 Nov 04

Apologies, the link doesn't work.

  bertiecharlie 11:18 04 Nov 04

Here's hoping this link works click here

  spuds 11:40 04 Nov 04

Barclay's are fully aware of this and other scams. Should mention that Barclay's ATM machines are being targeted at present with devices that obtain your card details and pin codes.This activity is mainly the London and Midlands area at present. Look out for a plastic cover installed over the card slot, which looks like part of the ATM machine. Report any finding to Barclay's and the Police. DO NOT attempt to remove this device or cause alarm,as there could be rather violent people in the area location.

Phishing awareness click here

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