saving website addresses previously searched for

  mellyjane 12:22 02 Aug 04

Sorry if this is a simply one for everyone!...

My pc does not save the addresses on the drop down menu for sites previously searched for so I have to re-type the addresses in everytime I wish to access them.

Can anyone advise how I rectify this for future searches and see the details of previously accessed sites?


  wotbus@ 12:37 02 Aug 04

Try highlighting the URL then click Favourites then Add To Favourites. I assume you have IE6

  wotbus@ 12:39 02 Aug 04

Sorry - just re-read your request. Not sure about rectification as you don't state which system you are using.

  Djohn 12:45 02 Aug 04

Just to expand a little on wotbus@ correct information. Visit the site in question then click on the favourites button on the toolbar. Another window will open on the left of you screen, click on the add button, it will save the URL to the folder.

You can make as many folders as you wish by clicking in the Organise button in the same window, create a new folder, give it a name and save your site to it. EG: Forums/Music/Photo's Help sites/ Research and so on.

  Djohn 13:06 02 Aug 04

This is probably because your browser is set to discard internet files on closing the browser.

In IE6 go to Tools/internet options/Advanced tab, scroll down to "Security" and remove the tick from the box that says "Empty temporary internet files when closing browser"

  Stuartli 13:26 02 Aug 04

The easiest way, apart from adding to a Favourites folder, is to extend your History retention.

From IE's Tools>Internet Options>General tab, set the number of days you require such addresses to be retained.

If it is seven days or more than you will have such details saved in week form and individual days for each week.

I keep mine for 21 days, which is usually long enough.

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