Saving a web page query??

  gudda96 10:07 26 Mar 07

I am at present, saving a web page which is "M/S doing an XP backup" but after saving it, the pics on page do not show.

Do you think my ZA update could be preventing them appearing.

  brundle 10:11 26 Mar 07

Save it as an MHT file, images and HTML in one file.

  gudda96 10:42 26 Mar 07


The only options when saving "page as" are >>

all files
web page complete
web page HTML only
text files


  brundle 11:04 26 Mar 07

Internet Explorer or Firefox?
`web page complete` in any case

  gudda96 11:21 26 Mar 07


Firefox !!

Done what you said, thats fine, it also gives me the index folder but I just delete it.

Funny thing is that I was taught years ago to "save as single page2 but that option not there.

Almost same subject>>>my ZA "alert" appears asking if ok which I tick but the box where you can normally tick so that addie is accepted always, is greyed out.

Also, my "downloads" window also appears, but its blank and I simply close down.

Perhaps this new update to ZA???????????

Sorry to add other queries in message and thanks for time

  Stuartli 12:04 26 Mar 07

Drag and drop the URL into your Bookmarks.

Whenever you click on it, it will then reopen.

  Stuartli 12:05 26 Mar 07

You could create a Folder for this purpose.

  gudda96 14:42 26 Mar 07

Drag and drop the URL into your Bookmarks.
So do this instead of a "save page" ??

What does the "create new folder" refer to??

  Stuartli 16:40 26 Mar 07

You can create individual folders in Bookmarks - name one "Web Pages" or similar and drag and drop the URL from the Address Bar into the folder.

Then, when you click on the bookmark, it will open the page you require.

I have a number of such web pages in my Firefox bookmarks as it saves searching for them to post in these forums if needed.

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