Saving Videos

  RGB76 13:49 01 Mar 10

Hello all,
How to save Video`s to my hard drive, is there a program that will do this for me.

Many thanks


  Terry Brown 15:02 01 Mar 10

You need to get a PCTV card (either PCI or USB2) and use that to connect you video player to the computer. This will normally save as an MPEG file, but you will need to check the hardware.

To edit the file you will need a program like Nero, VideoReDo or have look at this page click here=.

When you have connected the hardare, you will need to run the Autotune facility to get the PCTV card and the Video talking to each other.

Good luck

  RGB76 16:00 01 Mar 10

Hi Terry,
I`m sorry I didn`t make my post very clear, the videos that I wanted to save were the ones that are on facebook and other places like that.
I have seen other uses mention the videos that they get, and wondered what program they used to do it.


  BT 16:49 01 Mar 10

will download and convert Youtube videos to a number of different formats

click here

  rawprawn 17:47 01 Mar 10

Install the latest Real Player, it has a video download facility second to none (in my opinion)
Be carefull when you install not to let it take over everything. After that it is a great program if you are in control.
click here

  RGB76 18:40 01 Mar 10

Hi BT and rawprawn, many thanks for the links, i`ll take the Youtubedownloader path I think, back in the old Amiga days I had trouble with
Real Player and I dought that they have changed very much.

Many Thanks


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