saving screenshot in paint

  king joe 16:12 21 Jun 10

I would like to save a screenshot as a jpeg file using Windows Paint.The instructions I received were to go to the print screen button,open paint ,paste the shot and save as jpeg.
I am running Vista Basic on my laptop but when I follow the above steps,the paste tab is greyed out.The above steps work quite easily when using XP but not so with Vista.
Would greatly appreciate any assistance.

  Technotiger 16:25 21 Jun 10

This click here is quite easily the best Free capture program available.

  gengiscant 16:43 21 Jun 10

I prefer thisclick here.

  Woolwell 17:28 21 Jun 10

Print screen should work see click here but not as well as Technotiger's link nor as well as Vista's snipping tool which unfortunately for you doesn't come with Vista Basic.

  robin_x 17:57 21 Jun 10

My Desktop gets mucked up all the time.

So I aslo grab images.

Alt PrtScrn, to copy to clipboard.

Then MS PhotoEditor, photoed.exe.

Edit/Paste as new Image.

Automatically gets resolution and size correct. Save as jpg.

Then you can open in your favourite image program.
Personally I prefer 'Hornil'

  woodchip 19:54 21 Jun 10

If this is a Laptop you will most likely have to press the fn key along with print screen

  Peter 21:50 21 Jun 10


Like you I used to get trouble with my desktop icon layout getting mixed up and I used to save an image of it so that I could put it back the way it was. That was until I found a thread on this site which recommended howtogeek's "Save and Restore Desktop Icon Layout in Windows Vista", which also works in Windows XP. See link below.

click here


  Sea Urchin 22:23 21 Jun 10

Even simpler is this program - just download it and it runs without any messing about

click here

  Peter 00:02 23 Jun 10


Thanks for your SnapFiles link. I have downloaded it and the results are similar to the howtogeek's one.

What interested me, in particular, in the howtogeek's solution was the possibility of Right Clicking on the Desktop instead of My Computer, which seems more logical. I've had some success with this under Windows XP.


  Sea Urchin 00:12 23 Jun 10

Taken from your HowtoGeek link:

"restore the desktop icon positions by right-clicking on the Computer item on the start menu (or desktop icon)"

which looks the same as the snap files one.

  Peter 00:34 23 Jun 10


If you read the feedback notes under the HowtoGeek article you will find an item from "Bob" indicates that a change from :-


to :-


in the REG file will allow the ability to Right Click on the Desktop instead of My Computer.

I found that it was best to copy and paste the new text into the reg file to get it to work.


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