Saving a program

  tonyx1302 13:26 01 Aug 05

I want to remove and save M.S Office 2003 which uses 403..00 Mb of memory. I haven't got the the whole program on my pc but am using AbiWord for my WP work. Ideally I would like to save it to a floppy disc but has a standard floppy enough space to take the program? If not can I transfer it to a disc?

Also how doI save it? I have found I can only change or remove it via the add/remove in control panel. Should I be looking elsewhere to find how to copy the prog.

Many thanks


  mattyc_92 13:31 01 Aug 05

You can't "save" a program to a disk (You need the "installation disk" to "copy" it onto another system).

The installation disk could be anything up to 700megs, so you can't use a floppy disk?

Or have I misunderstood the question?

  mattyc_92 13:31 01 Aug 05

"floppy disk?"???? that meant to be "floppy disk...."

  woodchip 13:51 01 Aug 05

You cannot save a Program that's Installed.

  tonyx1302 14:11 01 Aug 05

When I brought my machine...not new... it had most of Office 2003 already installed but I have never used it as I much prefer Abiword for my WP work. I just thought that I could remove and save it in case I ever needed in the future plus it would give a bit more memory.

In my stupidity, I just thought I could copy it to a floppy or a blank CD-R.


  miniman79 14:23 01 Aug 05

If you could find all the set-up files you might be able to burn them to disc. You will need the product key to activate the program.
Hope this helps

  tonyx1302 15:14 01 Aug 05

MS tells me that my XP is not validated even thought it is a legit installation so cannot get product key!!!
Am waiting for MS to call me back and give me the all ok then I will act on your idea.


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