Saving PNG Transparency from Irfan View 3.85

  Pesala 22:17 08 Mar 04

Whenever I save a PNG image from Irfan View, even though I check the box that says ICO transparency, the background is always white. Why?

  Pesala 06:25 09 Mar 04

This would be really useful to know how to do. I can use Corel Draw Essentials, but Irfan View is much quicker to load. It saves PNG just fine, but not transparency. Can anyone else confirm this?

I'm using Windows ME

  Stuartli 08:51 09 Mar 04
  Stuartli 08:53 09 Mar 04

This may also be of interest (it also claims Irfanview doesn't support PNG transparency):

click here

  Pesala 09:51 09 Mar 04

Irfan View doen't support PNG transparency. The dialogue box is lying.

I tried exporting as picture from Page Plus 9.0, which also claims to support transparency. Still no joy. Only Corel Draw seems to work for me.

There still seems to something I don't understand here. Why do programs claim to support PNG transparency when they don't?

I loaded a PNG with a transparent background (exported from Corel Draw) into Irfan View. The background was whatever colour I have set in Irfan View: black, white or grey. When I saved it again as PNG with "Save transparency" checked the background colour was saved, but no transparency.

So Irfan View supports transparency on open but not on save. So too with Page Plus apparently, though it also has a check box to save transparency. It will save transparency if it already exists, but cannot add it.

Can anyone clarify further?

Stuart: GIF is not the ideal solution.

  Pesala 01:29 10 Mar 04

but still no joy in Irfan View

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