Saving My Postings

  Sapins 20:00 26 Aug 04

I have a folder in which I save threads of interest to me, what's the best way to save My Postings to this folder?

  MIke 20:08 26 Aug 04

I think you would need to open each thread you are interested in then use file/save as

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:15 26 Aug 04

Select the text, copy and save as a .txt file. Uses much less space and you can delete the dull bits.


  Sapins 22:15 26 Aug 04

Hi MIke and GANDALF <|:-)> Thanks for your replies.

Unfortunately I have 7 pages so going though that lot will take some time. I like your suggestion GANDALF <|:-)> because some of the threads are obviously not mine and getting rid of some of the text would be a help. I think I will have to start saving a few each day and then in future save them as they appear.

Thanks again for your help,



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