Saving interesting threads

  fullyfitted 17:31 19 Sep 04

I am an avid reader of the forum and often see threads that I want to keep for future reference.(I never seem to find them again if I use search on the P C A site). I know I can save the link to Favorites but often I want to save the advice and comments that go with it. At the moment I am copying to a "word" folder but I'm sure there must be a quicker and easier way.But what is it?

  Stuartli 17:39 19 Sep 04

Surely the links save the advice and comments..:-)

The problem is obviously knowing which is the particular link you wish to look up - you could create a Favourites PC Advisor folder and then Add suitably named links to it in sub-folders form as required.

  oseven 17:39 19 Sep 04

Don't bother to save.There is always someone here to answer your problems.
If you do save you will finish up with hundreds that you may never need

  roy 17:42 19 Sep 04

The usual method is to make a posting to the thread; see all the entries that say 'Bookmarked' or something similar.

This will put a reference to the thread in your postings which, of course can be viewed by clicking on the shortcut at the top of this page.

  mbp 17:45 19 Sep 04

If you are truly taken by a thread, reply to it with your opinion or contribution. The next time you log in, click "My Threads" and it will be there with your short list.

  Stuartli 17:46 19 Sep 04

"Hundreds"? "May never need"?

fully fitted really will have been/must be in serious trouble then...:-))

  mbp 17:47 19 Sep 04

Sorry, to be precise, "View Your Postings"!

  Forum Editor 18:06 19 Sep 04

into a spreadsheet? You can have a column next to them in which you type a reference word/words, so you can easily find the link later. Tell Excel to sort your entries in alphabetical order and you'll have a neat reference file.

Remember that we own the copyright on everything that's written here - you must only use the material for personal reference.

  Valvegrid 18:09 19 Sep 04

You can save them in your favorites if you like. If if you go to Manage Favorites or Bookmarks, whichever its called in your browser, then make a new folder called PCA, then when you add or save the Favorites/Bookmarks save it to the PCA folder, then you can change the name each thread in the Favorites/Bookmarks manager as you like so you can find it again.

  fullyfitted 18:24 19 Sep 04

Thanks everyone , enough food for thought.
The thread that provoked the question was raised by "rasorbill" on converting CD's to DVD. And the response from CoB, It's not something I need to do tonight but it is something I might have a ply with in the dark winter nights ahead.
thanks again

  Stuartli 09:28 20 Sep 04

Isn't that exactly what I said earlier in the thread? ...:-)

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