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  podlod 15:00 19 Mar 08

Hi, I am at the moment writing a book and I am writing and saving in Microsoft Word, is this advisable or should I write and save it in another program in case I do not have Microsoft word in the future? or will it still open even if I do not have Microsoft Word at the time? Thank you for any help.

  recap 15:05 19 Mar 08

You can open a Word document in WordPad but you would most probably loose the formatting.

There are also open source software that would open the document like OpenOffice.

  skidzy 19:47 19 Mar 08

Some may disagree with this and to be honest not 100% of the truth in it.

If you are opening and reopening the same document to add or edit the information,this can become corrupt if done more than 20 times.

Like ive said ,im unsure of the truth in this and find it hard to believe.However i have had a few corrupt documents when using MS Word and only found out about the 20 times edit/add information when i was looking for an explaination of freezing docs.

Now anything could have caused this freezing but once i removed the MS Word docs...system was fine.

This probably does not make sense,but is something to bear in mind...even if the info i found was tripe.

It was a while back now and im sorry cannot find the web page to show you.

Though i should add,on my Vista machine,i have docs that have been opened and edited more than 20 times.

  podlod 10:40 22 Mar 08

Thanks for the info, and how do I get open office please, thanks.

  johnnyrocker 10:46 22 Mar 08

click here


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