Saving images to disc

  Kev11 17:02 05 Mar 07

Can anybody help? When trying to save images from websites direct to disc I get one of 2 messages; if it's an unused disc I get "d is not available. Incorrect function." If it's a disc with other stuff on I get "You do not have permission to save in this directory. See the administrator to obtain permission." This has never happened before and has come on very suddenly - the only software change I've had is an upgrade to iTunes.

I've got a Dell with XP.

Would appreciate any help. Many thanks.

  Taff™ 17:29 05 Mar 07

Suggest you save the images to "My Pictures" and try to save them to disk afterwards - can`t think of why you`ve got this situation "suddenly" - I presume this worked before.

  Kev11 18:10 05 Mar 07

Yeah that is an option but I'd like to know why it's happened. When I say 'suddenly' it really was - last time I needed to do it (a few weeks ago), no problems. The next time I got this error.

Thanks for the reply but if anyone can explain it I'd be very grateful.


  Taff™ 00:25 06 Mar 07

Forgetting the iTunes installation for a moment. The first message ""d is not available ...." suggests that the CD/DVD is not being recognised - Try cleaning the drive by inserting a proprietory CD Cleaner disc. The other message "You do not have permission ..." suggests that you have finalised the discs (An automatic setting in the program that burned the disc originally)

However, If you save to your HDD drive first and then copy to disc do you still get the same messages?

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