Saved web page prints garbage- all 16 pages of it-

  jack 19:59 21 Jan 10

I guess those of you that frequent bargain sites must be aware that Morgan Computers- purveyors of surplus/discontinued computer and allied gear is no more.
However that ys not what this post is about.
I have ap page from the formers company's website saved and wanted to print it off to follow as discussion.
Clicked on the file and up came the page to screen.
However when I came to print it of, instead of printing the screen image - the printer set too to print pages of code- all sixteen pages of it.
And to make things worse would not allow it self to cancel.
The printer panel actually held no print job at all- blank- yet the printer kept churning out the stuff.
So I switched it off.
Next day when I fired up the computer - the printer[all on the same switch] carried on where it left off- all I could do was to feed in printed sheets to finish the job to save wasting paper.
Why was that?

  Technotiger 20:02 21 Jan 10

If it is just the one page/screen that you want to print, you could take a ScreenShot of the page, save it to your My Pictures and then print it from there.

  jack 14:36 22 Jan 10

Yes TT I am aware of that - no problem
The query was/is why did the saved web page - which came to screen OK not print as such?

  Technotiger 14:44 22 Jan 10

Sounds like a printer problem then, you could try re-installing the printer - though if it is only this particular print job, maybe the image gets corrupted at printout. I am only guessing!

  jack 19:59 22 Jan 10

An attempt to print off a new web page- this time Wikipedia-
In print preview showed instead of a single page of copy and photo- put up six pages of code.

So something must be amiss with the way the computer saves stuff or sends it to printer.
I could remove printer and reinstall- but is that the problem?
Any other suggestions

  jack 20:07 22 Jan 10

I called up a fresh page from somewhere else and did a primnt preview of it 'Live' so to speak
As if to print on line rather than a sved page.
This too showed the pages of text.
So I am going to revbert to FireFox to see what difference that makes.
Mean while any thoughts on what sort of problem I/Explorer is having?

  jack 20:22 22 Jan 10

Download and installed FirFox and printed off both a 'Live 'Page and a saved page both came out as they should.
So poor old Explorer is back in the can

  Technotiger 21:10 22 Jan 10

Maybe click here

Anyway, thanks for your feedback.


  jack 09:39 23 Jan 10

Filed in my Computer Tips folder for future ref.

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