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  Nicaragua 16:15 01 Jan 03
  Nicaragua 16:15 01 Jan 03

When I begin typing my email address on screen, the field usually pops up with my address to select. Very handy. Except that I have had several and it actually offers me addresses which are now defunct or mis-spelt. Can anyone tell me where these are stored on my W98 machine so I can edit them ?

  recap 16:19 01 Jan 03

Nicaragua, check your previous posting in the ConsumerWatch forum

  Nicaragua 16:30 01 Jan 03

Recap - Thanks, I saw your message and moved my query to the Helproom. I do not have any unwanted mail accounts configured so there is nothing to remove.

It is not only email addresses which pop up, it is all my normal address info eg street, town etc. These items are stored somewhere to prompt for selection - but where ..... ?

  crx16 16:31 01 Jan 03

what about clearing forms in 'autocomplete'

internet options\content\autocomplete\clear forms?

  wawadave 16:42 01 Jan 03

if this is for out look try these links
click here
click here
click here

  Nicaragua 21:08 02 Jan 03

CRX16 - Well done. That's exactly it. I can't imagine why I did not spot that option before (but thereagain, I have not long downloaded some IE updates.

Thank you.

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