save or save as

  bert52a 18:47 27 Jul 09

my son has recently been working on an Excel spreadsheet.He's spent about 15 hours on it and has been saving with "save "instead of "save as"
he now cannot access the spreadsheet and is very there any way of finding the location of this file or is it just lost?

  VoG II 18:56 27 Jul 09

Try searching for *.xls

  Zak 18:58 27 Jul 09

Click on File in Menu
Click on chevrons if there to expand
at the bottom of the dropdown before Exit you should see the recently opened files
select the one you are looking for and it will open
now save as.................

  Zak 18:59 27 Jul 09

Sorry VoG™; you beat me to it.

  Pine Man 19:06 27 Jul 09

Isn't the default for 'save' in excel 'My Documents' or whatever it was changed to by the owner?

  lotvic 20:03 27 Jul 09

If he didn't give it a name it will probably be called Book1.xls and be in My Documents

You should be able to also find/open it by using Zak's instructions after you have opened Excel program.

  octal 20:08 27 Jul 09

You could also try opening Excel and have a look in recent documents, you may find it there.

  Stuartli 20:12 27 Jul 09

Save As is, of course, the means of choosing a different file name.

However, if the file has been Saved on a regular basis, the final copy should at least be available.

  Stuartli 20:13 27 Jul 09

..a different file name whilst keeping a copy of the file with its original file name.

  woodchip 23:18 27 Jul 09

He should be able to open the file from the Excel Program, Look under file for saved docs, it should keep a list of recent opened files

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