SAVE failure

  K*B 20:27 03 Oct 10

Hello friends, I prepare my documents using WORD 2007 on Vista Home Basic. I have noticed to my dismay that sometimes when I edit a document and click on the "Save" icon on the toolbar to save the changes, it fails. I only realise this when I open the document later. I have therefroe lost a lot of updates to my documents. Is it wrong to save the way I do? Please help.

  Nontek 20:45 03 Oct 10

I don't use Word 2007 or Vista, but - I think you should first save the document via 'Save as', give it a name and then making subsequent saves via the save icon, will probably work fine.

Give it a try with a test doc.

  VoG II 20:46 03 Oct 10

The johnnieb virus (a rather old one) does this. It might be worth a scan.

  robin_x 21:28 03 Oct 10

My Mum often had problems with Save and Print icons (Word 2000 in XP and in W7 from last year)

She never got her head round File/Print and Save As.

She has retired now and doesn't bring docs home anymore and I use OpenOffice mainly.

Never any evidence of viruses over several years relating to this. And tried many AVs in that time.
+OS and Office re-installs from time to time.

I just put it down to a Microsoft 'feature'.
(They don't admit to bugs)

I'll look up johnnieb though for interest.

  K*B 13:57 04 Oct 10

I have just given my laptop a full system scan using AVAST! free antivirus software, and it reports "NO THREAT FOUND". Any other precautions to take? Thanks.

  Woolwell 15:26 04 Oct 10

I have Vista Home Premium and Word 2007 and haven't experienced your problem. When you click on the save icon you should see (very quickly) a progress of the save at the bottom of the word window.

  K*B 14:14 06 Oct 10

124, I had done what nontek said. Actually the SAVE problem happened to the document whaen I'd already saved it using SAVE AS and given it a filename. I was saving direct to disk in the DESKTOP folder.
Thanks for the information on "Enable Autosave".

Woolwell, I'll look out for the quick save progress bar at the bottom the next time I save by clickin on SAVE. Thanks.

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