SatNav Problem

  AndyFuller 17 May 12

I have just bought a SatNav for the wife's car and when i try and connect it to the cigarete lighter socket it keeps blowing the 15amp fuse. i have tried a 20amp fuse and it blew that oo - any ideas what amp fuse i require?

  feb 17 May 12

Try the satnav in another car, if the fuse blows in that one then you probably have a faulty satnav! If the fuse doesn't blow then you might have to replace the cigarette lighter.

  northumbria61 17 May 12

I think it is normally a 15amp fuse so there may be something wrong with the socket - I would have it checked out by an Auto Electrician.

  AndyFuller 17 May 12

I have tried it out in my car and it works ok in there so looks like the cigarette socket is u/s. thanks for your help

  buteman 17 May 12

I am sure I used to have the same problem years ago and it was the different make of car or van and the way that they were wired up.

Not sure if it was because some have a negative earth or something like that.

Changing the wires around may help but I would wait and see if anyone else can confirm what I said is correct or not.

  robin_x 17 May 12

15A is 'large' anyway (180 Watts at 12V), so it was never a question of rating.

The SatNav car charger may have its own fuse as well (say, 3A max).

Never a good idea to replace with larger ratings.

It's possible the centre contact may not be +12V, but I thought they were standardised decades ago.

The bits are available if you want to DIY and fancy working out how to remove your dashboard and get at the damn things. Don't if not sure though. Excess current will burn a loom a be expensive.


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