satin photo paper

  Johny C 01:59 26 Jul 04

Hi Again

I have just purchased the wrong type f paper, now i will use this paper, so i thought, when i print a photo out with this satin paper the ink just floats on the surface of the paper. i have tried a couple of different settings but nothing has improved this.

My printer is a epson stylus cx3200 running windows xp pro

any help would be appreciated.........cheers John

  €dstowe 06:27 26 Jul 04

What brand/type is this paper?

Does it state on the packet that it is for inkjet printing?

If yes, return it to your supplier as unsuitable for purpose.

  Johny C 10:13 26 Jul 04

Its Atlas Inkjet media phto quality satin paper bought from

click here

hope this helps cheers............. John

  €dstowe 10:41 26 Jul 04

Well, yes it does claim to be for the purposes you are using it for.

I'm not familiar with that brand so I can't pass any informed comment.

Please note that some photo papers take a time to be "touch dry" and, until that has happened on matte, satin and pearl finish papers, there can be a glossy appearance. I get the impression, though, from what you say that the ink is not being absorbed at all.

I suggest that you contact SVP and tell them you are having a problem and see what they say about it. I have dealt with the company, though not for paper, and found them quite helpful.


  Bebee 10:57 26 Jul 04

If the ink is not being absorbed at all, are you using the right side of the paper? It's a bit harder to tell with satin.


  €dstowe 11:05 26 Jul 04

Good point Bebee.

If the base is a polymer sheet, that would happen. Conversely, if it were paper, it would probably absorb double quick;-)

  It's Me 15:42 26 Jul 04

With Satin paper, when you think you have it right, you usually haven't. Turn it over and try again.

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