A SATA2 Question?

  Billy-The-Fish 18:39 25 Apr 06


I am building a Computer and I want to have a SATA2 Hard-drive but someone bought me a 200gb SATA Hard-drive for a present.
Question is.. can I still have a SATA2 set up and just use the SATA drive for just storage?
Will it affect the speed of my SATA2 drive? i.e. can you have 2 drives ...1x SATA and 1x SATA2 on the same motherboard?


  GaT7 19:05 25 Apr 06

I'd imagine, as the two SATA drives will be independent of each other (NOT in a RAID setup) & on their own cables, there shouldn't be a problem - but let us confirm this.

Make sure to get a SATAII compatible mobo for the SATAII drive though - the SATAI drive will work with it, as the interface is backwards compatible. G

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:10 25 Apr 06

SATA II is a newer version of the SATA standard that incorporates faster bus speeds over SATA I. Whereas SATA I runs at 150MB/s SATA II runs at 300MB/s. The specifications that govern the design of SATA II ensure that it is backward compatible with SATA I.

This means that the drives will work, but will only transfer data at half the designed transfer speed (buffer to host). if connected to SATA I connector.

SATA I drive will of course still only operate at 150MB/s when connected to SATA II connector.

  GaT7 19:15 25 Apr 06

Make sure to get a SATAII compatible mobo to get the best out of the SATAII drive though...G

  Billy-The-Fish 23:36 25 Apr 06

So they will work.... good,
As long as they are not on raid and are on Sata2 mobo then sats2 will work at sata2 speed and the sata1 will work still at sata1 speed which is fine as its only for storage.

Thanks for Advice!

  DrScott 00:12 26 Apr 06

That is correct! :o)

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