xania 13:11 24 Nov 05

Is there any way of connecting an IDE HD to a SATA motherboard or a SATA HD to an IDE Motherboard. Also can motherboards with both connections work with both types of HD at the same time?

  Chegs ®™ 13:24 24 Nov 05

You can get PCI cards that have SATA terminations,and PCI cards that have IDE so yes there is a way.

I've been running a SATA + IDE system for the last two years,as SATA only was giving me problems.

  phil46 16:04 24 Nov 05

New computer 64bit has a Sata drive but i can't notice any difference to an IDE drive,and my 6 year old Brio can boot a little faster into XP than my new computer.

  xania 17:37 24 Nov 05

Thanks both. I'm still making uip my mind which way to jump when going for my next Mobo.

  Chegs ®™ 19:12 24 Nov 05

I would change to SATA as IDE drives are very slowly becoming scarcer(or so I was told recently by a mate)especially in the smaller sizes.I haven't seen a sub 20Gb drive for sale(not that I was particularly looking)recently,although I presume if I was to actually look up one,I'd probably locate them.

The SATA drives run at ATA150(approx)compared to ATA133 for IDE,so inuse they aint that big a difference.I only found a marked difference when running a HD Benchmark,but only when I removed the IDE HD.When both were attached,there was no real difference in the test results,but there was obviously something drastic occuring inuse as transferring Gbs of data between partitions was causing my PC to run so slowly the kettle was almost boiled before the mouse-clicks had an effect. ;-)

I had to reinstall my OS several dozen times before the SATA + IDE HD's would work happily together.In normal everyday tasks,there isn't any dicernable differences between the two,but for video working the SATA's show a clear lead over IDE.

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