SATA question

  richierich 22:34 09 Mar 09

Want to clone my 500gb drive to a 1000gb both are SATA. In my older systems they had IDE and i understand the concept of master and slaves and readjusting the jumpers.
In SATA this is obsolete, so when i clone the disk, and restart how does the bios know which one to boot from?

  gazzaho 06:23 10 Mar 09

In my BIOS there is a boot order where you can set which drive is first and so on, I would guess your machine is similar. I'm assuming setting the boot order would determine which drive boots first, you will probably have to enter the BIOS and change your new cloned drive to be first in the order.

I myself Cloned my SATA boot drive to another when I first got my computer, but I switched the data cable for the boot drive to the cloned drive and don't use the original. I only use the Original drive if I get into trouble with the cloned one.

It may be a waste of a drive but it's set as the machine was new, I guess you could call it a factory restore partition only on a full drive lol.

  richierich 08:44 10 Mar 09

Thats exactly what i intend to do, although the original drive is fairly full it wont be a factory reset but i know it is in good working order so i will keep it in a safe place. My data is backed up daily to external drives anyway.
As we speak I am cloning the disk. I unlugged the dvd writer and plugged the new drive in (as i dont have a spare sata cable). When complete I guess i can unplug the original drive and remove, plug the cloned drive into the originsl drive csble snd reconnect the dvd. What could possibly go wrong!

  wotbus@ 10:26 10 Mar 09

The difference between SATA and IDE with respect to connections, is errespective of jumpers, if a SATA HDD is connected to SATA1 slot on the mobo, it will be first boot. Similarly, SATA2 will show simply as additional storeage.
So, you are cloning from 500G to 1T and both are SATA. Just swap the the connentions on your mobo where the new 1T is SATA1 and your 500G to SATA2.
You will automatically boot from your new HDD.

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