SATA problems

  NotsoNewuser 21:13 06 May 05

Here's one for you to get your teeth into.
K8V SE mobo:athlon 64 3200+ 1Gb RAM, Win XP Pro.
2 IDE H/D (C & D)and 2 SATA IDE drives (E & F).
SATA drives have not been used as I want to do video work on them.
Folders have appeared on both drives and not by my hand. No one else uses the pc.
On E there is a folder MSO Cache which appears to contain OSE.EXE;Wordwiew.MSI and Wordviewer.CAB
and a folder pdwork which is empty.
On F a folder has "copied" itself from D but seems reluctant to be deleted saying the recycle bin on F is corrupt.
Occasionally at shut down I get the message "Delayed write failed F:\$Mft data will be lost"
Recently on bootup the 2 SATA drives have not been recognised, but reboot and they are.
I would welcome any suggestions or lines of investigation.

  Ancient Learner 21:16 06 May 05

May I ask who installed the SATA HDDs.

  Ancient Learner 21:20 06 May 05

Sorry; second Question :- how old is PC?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:32 06 May 05

Process Name: Microsoft Office Source Engine

OSE.EXE is a process belonging to the Microsoft Office Suite which adds additional installation support during CD install and web updates. This program is important for the stable and secure running of your computer and should not be terminated

In NTFS, everything on disk is a file. Even the metadata is stored as a set of files. The Master File Table (MFT) is an index of every file on the volume. For each file, the MFT keeps a set of records called attributes and each attribute stores a different type of information

  NotsoNewuser 23:18 06 May 05

Ancient Learner.
PC is self build in January. Everything working Ok until recently.

I don't have Microseoft office installed and never have. Is this a file that comes with XP?

I have not put any files on the volume so there should be only the basic data re formatting there.

Would this all be a H/D failure or a software problem do you think?

  Ancient Learner 17:17 07 May 05

The reason I made my queries, was because I was wondering if the SATA Drivers were in place. Unless you have a new version of XP, it is likely that they are not present on the XP CD and therefore need installing separately when installing XP. However, if all was well until recently, that is unlikely to be the problem.

  jack 20:23 07 May 05

If I may put my two penny worth in. A friend has a posh puter with a RAID/ SATA set up.
He had nothing but trouble with the disc system from the word go.
Fortunately he had signed for 3years Home support.
On the umpteenth visit the engineer confided that
IHHO such systems were designed as a cheap get out for Mini's and servers, and had no place on a humble desktop.
He suggested reverting all to separate drives ,to which my chum agreed and he has been as happy as larry ever since.

  Grouse ® 22:10 07 May 05

I notice you say you have not used the "sata drives!" so you can unplug both of them for the time being.

As stated above it sounds as if you do not have the drivers installed........

You will have to find the drivers from the motherboard website and install onto a floppy.

Then you can run XP CD, and install drivers at the start when it asks for additional drivers eg."scsi/promise drivers.....PRESS F6 if I remember you then have the option to repair XP ?............

  NotsoNewuser 22:40 07 May 05

Thanks for all your comments.
I went to PC Pitstop and one of the SATA drives has an uncached speed of 1Mbs against 40/50Mbs on the others, so I'm taking it back to the shop as a possible faulty one.

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